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Our team together with IBET

GenIbet, together with IBET, have extensive expertise in process development (upstream and downstream). Our process development team can identify and develop robust and reliable production processes, keeping in mind cost, product quality, process yield and process safety (see also available Expression Systems).

For upstream process development we have scalable technologies, including stirred-tanks and single use bioreactors for the production of:
      - Cells (mammalian and insect cells)  (up to 100L)
      - Recombinant proteins (up to 300 L)
      - Viruses (up to 100 L)
      - Biomass (Bacteria/yeast) (up  to 300 L)

Our highly trained Downstream Processing (DSP) personnel have wide and varied experience in product recovery and purification of microbial and mammalian derived products.

We have a choice of cell harvesting techniques including the use of Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) membrane systems for ultrafiltration and diafiltration, and the use of centrifugation techniques.

Scalable downstream process development for mammalian, insect, microbial and viral products is available, namely: primary separations, centrifugation, purification by microfiltration, ultrafiltration and diafiltration scale-up and scale-down, chromatography utilizing AKTA Explorer and AKTA Pilot Systems.

Through optimization of these processes we are able to maximize production yields, reducing costs and timelines for your product. The processes developed by us can be used for cGMP production in-house or ensure full technical transfer to your manufacturing team.

At GenIbet, we can work together with you to combine expertise and experience to speed up your products from lab scale all the way to commercial production.

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